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“Someday all that’s crazy / All that’s unexplained / Will fall into place / And someday all that’s hazy / Through a clouded glass / Will be clear at last / And sometimes we’re just waiting / For someday.” -Nichole Nordeman, "Someday"

Monday, December 19, 2005

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Today is my Nicaraguan sister and bestest friend in the world Ivonne's birthday! I think she is out celebrating because I have been trying to call her all evening but have just gotten her voicemail. Which either means her cell phone is on the blink again or she is out. Hopefully it's the latter and tomorrow I'll be able to talk with her. If her cell phone is working she'll at least get my voicemail so she'll know I tried calling and hadn't forgotten her birthday :)
And in 3 weeks from now I will be in Nicaragua! Woo hoo!! :) It can't come soon enough!


  • At 20.12.05, Blogger Jessica said…

    HOw happy that you are going to Nicaragua soon!!!!! It´s always great to visit a favorite Central American country! I'm having such a blast in HOnduras and El SAlvador! Yay!


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